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Ferrari 330GT 2+2 in der Hamburger Ausstellung 2009

The silhouette of a classic Ferrari as an object of art

I believe I can say that with its creativity the firm Pininfarina has contributed to Ferrari’s success. It has lent its partner a reputation of being stylish and up-to-date, which turned Ferrari into something unique in the automotive world. Ferrari’s conceptual and technical innovations acquired a face and a language that was recognizable."
Sergio Pininfarina

The partnership between Ferrari and Pininfarina regarding the design of Ferrari’s serial models has lasted over 50 years already. Innumerable beautiful and elegant designs have been created; many of them have influenced car design in general.

A classic Ferrari is more than a viable sports car. Seen from an aesthetic angle it is primarily an object of art. The constantly rising prices paid by collectors impressively confirm this – as do art exhibitions worldwide. It is almost certainly no coincidence, that the renowned New York Museum of Art chose a 1960s Ferrari as its first automotive exhibit.

Sadly these jewels are usually condemned to a life in dark and dusky garages instead of being admired in an inviting ambience. A situation that the well-known Hamburg artist and gallery owner Thomas Eigel and the art lover Jürgen Ulmer have put an end to in an unconventional and determined way.

The results are unique objects of art, which fascinate particularly because the clear and simple shapes created by legendary Ferrari designer Pininfarina have been brought out beautifully: No fancy decorations, no wheels spoil the classy silhouette of these rare car bodies.

This provokes the question why of all things originals of the precious series had to be used as the basis for these objects of art. Jürgen Ulmer’s answer is almost shockingly matter-of-fact as his hand follows the gentle curves: “Only the original possesses the aura of Pininfarina’s design, to whom this is an homage.”

Interested persons, who would like to know the prices of these unusual wall decorations, will be invited to a chat face-to-face. “We handle this just like Enzo Ferrari, when a unique model was ordered”, says Jürgen Ulmer in recognition of the great creator of the artwork’s basis: “The Commendatore used to utter these things over a glass of good red wine.”

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